Inaniwa Udon

It is said that the original form of Inaniwa Udon noodles was passed down to the inaniwa, and the technique was succeeded by the head of the family, Kisaemon INANIWA (SATO), and it was repeatedly studied and improved, and the production method was established in 1665.

The History

It was around the end of the Edo period in 1860. In the Meiji period, the Imperial Household Ministry has won many awards as well as the Ministry of the Imperial Household’s promotion. Originally, the family’s Udon noodles first flourished in the prefecture in order to avoid the other items produced in the prefecture, because the third generation of the family became the chairman of the then Genroin Chamber and interacted with Tsunetami SANO, the founder of the Japanese Red Cross Society. After he exhibited his work at the National Industrial Exhibition, he was honored by the Imperial Household Ministry. Since then, the techniques handed down by successive Yosuke have continued to convey the same real taste.

The Process

The process of kneeling, rewinding, or stretching, through the manual operation of the craftsman,proceeds to the process of drying. Under the full quality control of our Inaniwa Udon noodles, the drying time varies delicately depending on the weather and humidity of the day.

It is the long intuition of a skilled craftsman. Even the slightest difference in humidity or time would affect the taste of the prepared udon.